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Beyond Email and Documents: Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Microsoft 365

Let us guess: you've been using Microsoft 365 for emails, documents, and maybe a bit of Excel, right? That’s excellent! However, did you know there’s a whole world of awesome features hiding just beneath the surface? Let's dive in and explore some of these underappreciated applications that bring tons of value to your business.

Microsoft Planner - Your New Project and Productivity Go-To

Ever feel like you need an extra brain to keep track of all your projects? Meet Microsoft Planner! This application is perfect for organizing your tasks and keeping tabs on deadlines, all while updating your team members on their deliverables. Imagine a digital wall with sticky notes that everyone can see and update. Super useful for team projects, and it syncs with Microsoft Teams, so you can chat about tasks right where you’re working on them!

Microsoft Bookings – No More Scheduling Hassles

If you’re currently using a paid calendar application, you need to give Bookings a chance! This calendar tool is completely integrated with Microsoft 365 and is a game-changer for scheduling appointments. You set your available times, and clients can book their slots without the back-and-forth emails. Plus, it integrates beautifully with your calendar, sending out reminders to reduce no-shows. Say hello to a smoother schedule!

Microsoft Teams - Way More Than Chats and Calls

Sure, you might know Teams for messages and video calls, but it’s really a Swiss Army knife of collaboration. You can integrate loads of apps with ease, as well as work on files together with your team without ever leaving a chat! It’s a digital office space where everything’s a click away - files, meetings, notes, you name it!

Microsoft Forms - The Easiest Way to Get Feedback

Need to gather some quick feedback or run a survey? Microsoft Forms should be your new first choice. Creating surveys, quizzes, and polls is a breeze, and the best part? You get real-time responses that are super easy to analyze. 

Time To Dive In

There you have it - a little peek into some of the coolest, yet lesser-known, tools in Microsoft 365. We recommend trying out each of these tools as soon as possible: they may end up making your work life a whole lot easier and more organize!

To discover more ways to make the Microsoft 365 suite work for you, click here to lock-in a no obligation call today.

Microsoft 365

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