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             Secure Your School with Comprehensive IT Solutions

At Tech Wizards, we understand the vital role superintendents play in education. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive IT solution tailored just for you.

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  • Technology that works only some of the time?

  • IT issues that take weeks, if not months, to resolve?

  • Difficulty planning for and implementing new, much needed technologies?

  • Overspending and unplanned technology costs?

Are you struggling with?

If yes, we can help with our Managed IT Services offerings:

Fully Managed


Transforming School IT: Cyber Security Solutions and Effective Management

Education: Cybersecurity and IT Solutions


  • MFA

  • EDR

  • MDR

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Security and Management

  • Migrations

Network & IT Infrastructure

  • Classroom Collaboration

  • WiFi and Wired Connectivity

  • Network Security

Help Desk Support

  • Unlimited Remote Support (7am - 5pm)

  • Office 365 Account Management and Support

  • Device and Application Management

Device Lifecycle Management

  • Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) to manage your fleet of devices lifecycle

  • Covers all Microsoft, Apple, and Google devices

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